Fraud Platform



Zoot’s fraud solution uses a collection of comprehensive fraud detection techniques – providing a unique hybrid approach to analytics that includes business rules, anomaly detection, predictive analytics, text mining and social network analysis to reveal hidden relationships and suspicious associations among customers, accounts and other entities.


The implications of financial crime against banks are accelerating rapidly and now represent one of the biggest areas of concern for the financial services industry. It is likely to grow to one of the largest drivers of IT expenditure in the coming years. Typical organizations lose five percent of revenues to fraud each year, with banking being one of the most commonly victimized industries. In addition to revenue, nothing compares to the costs in lost productivity and damage to reputations and customer confidence.


Zoot’s fraud solution can transform business performance for financial services organizations. Implementing a comprehensive and structured program to detect and prevent fraud has become a core driver in business growth, delivering real competitive advantage.

Take Your Fraud Management Efforts To The Next Level

With Zoot’s fraud solution banks and other financial institutions can deploy a variety of fraud prevention methods extending across channels, lines of business and customer lifecycle stages – ensuring immediate customer protection.

Prevent Fraud Anytime, Anywhere

Zoot’s fraud platform gives users the ability to directly interface with channels such as POS, ATM, online, and mobile to detect and prevent fraud in real-time. Our solution’s quick detection capabilities allow you to rapidly detect and prevent complex fraud schemes to minimize losses, maximize customer trust and reduce reputational risk.

User configurable scenarios allow you to meet existing requirements and emerging fraud schemes. Analyze behavior patterns and detect abnormalities with multiple methods to uncover fraudsters immediately.

Comprehensive Fraud Management

Zoot’s fraud solution platform includes unified, transparent and flexible analytics to manage fraud efficiently and effectively. Users can track losses, recoveries and settlements throughout the entire fraud lifecycle with interactive tools and capabilities. Access to on demand and real time information gives your management team the ability to make informed and accurate decisions.

Customized Capabilities Put You in Control

Fraud criminals are quite advanced and quickly learn how to evade even the most advanced fraud technology. Zoot’s fraud solution uses robust detection capabilities to allow you to react to emerging, and even the most complex, fraud patterns – providing better customer protection with fewer account interruptions through targeted alerts and reduced false positives.

Our platform allows you to build standardized, flexible and scalable processes that are configurable and easily updated to meet emerging fraud patterns. This will help risk and compliance officers to prioritize the most critical instances of fraud with complete transparency and audibility. Sophisticated statistical methods are developed to predict the probability of particular activity fraud – ensuring that time is not wasted on false activities.

Make Security a Customer Differentiator

Zoot’s fraud solution allows you to provide better customer protection with fewer account interruptions through targeted alerts and reduce false positives. Additionally, you can meet or exceed emerging regulations, guidelines and customer expectations.

Our platform gives you the capability to analyze behaviors – of your customers, employees, entities and partners in every transaction across the organization. This gives you the visibility you need to better understand the business, and the associated risks and opportunities.

Take Your Fraud Management Efforts To The Next Level

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