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Transforming Employee Health with Integrated Solutions

Take the first step towards a healthier and more productive workforce by exploring the possibilities of Zoot’s data-integrated health & wellness programs.

Making a difference in the lives of over 90,000 employees.

Real People, Real-Time

Using integrated data and advanced technology, empower your population with the information and personalized guidance they need to make health changes that create real results for both individuals and organizations.

Actionable Data & Reporting

Integrate with existing systems and connect disparate data sources to create a comprehensive picture of patients, providers, and more, complete with data validation and customized reports to inform your long-term strategy.

Better Outcomes

Whether streamlining manual processes, identifying risk factors to enhance care, or generating a comprehensive view of health risk, our solutions support improved outcomes throughout the health and wellness space.

We’re on a Mission to

Improve Population Health,
& Reduce Corporate Healthcare Spend

A better way to assess – and reduce – health risks.

  • One-on-one, on-site coaching
  • Comprehensive risk view
  • Medical grade assessments

Pharmacist led prescription management.

  • Targeted interventions
  • Integrated data
  • Provider collaboration

A better way to assess – and reduce – health risks.

We’ve created a new paradigm for employer-based health screenings and employee wellness programs. 

Four Unique Programs that Create Real Results

Bring your wellness offerings into the 21st century. Evaluate current and long-term health risk, assess mobility and risk of injury, and identify signs of cognitive impairment early with our suite of assessments.

Biometrics 2.0


Movement & Performance


On-site, in-person coaching

Life is busy, and staying healthy shouldn’t be a challenge. With Healthy Is Wellness, you get consistent and convenient on-site assessments, in-person health coaching and actionable behavior recommendations to improve overall population health.

Have remote employees? Healthy Is Wellness offers remote coaching for employees who can’t make it to the office.

Population health reporting

Healthy Is Wellness’s advanced risk profiling enables the capture of a holistic snapshot of your population’s health risk and a tailored program to reduce it. With seamless HR integration and regular reporting, you can gain insights into how risk levels are shifting over time, participation, and more.

Cutting-edge technology

Each innovative, medical-grade assessment has been validated through peer reviewed scientific research and can be completed at any time of day, with no fasting required, using the same technology as NASA and Stanford Medicine.

And, program users can set goals, see all of their data, and track individual progress over time with the Healthy Is Wellness app.

What Clients & Participants Say about Healthy Is Wellness

“Feeling good and having confidence is what Wellness means to me.  The first time I stepped on the body scan, HIW told me I had inflammation in my right knee.  HIW identified an injury without prior knowledge as I had an ACL replacement where I’ve struggled with arthritis.  That sold me on their skills and abilities.

Since then, I’ve improved my BMI through weight training and cardiorespiratory training.  HIW took the time to not only ask why but how I’ve made the gains.  We’ve discussed issues outside of their scans and tests to include offsetting the effects of aging through leg strength and preceptor training for balance.  In short, now my workouts are about feeling better and not “suffering” through them.”


Program Participant

“We saw over six figures in savings last year from employees coming to work more often, major reductions in healthcare claims, and an increase in employee productivity. And best of all, our employees and their family members love the Healthy Is Wellness monthly events, and we talk about intentionally improving our health while at work.”


CEO, Tech Industry

“I have been checking in with HIW for almost 3 years. About a year ago, I kept seeing a steady decline in my health. My coaches Grace and Jen did nothing but motivate me and empower me. They helped me rework my plans / goals every month until we found something that worked. Instead of dreading stepping on the InBody, I now look forward to it. While I might be the one doing the work at home, I would not be where I am without them. I feel better, I’ve lost weight, I’ve gotten smaller clothes to fit me and more. I am so grateful for the opportunity to get these check-ins every month. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you HIW!”


Program Participant

Let’s find a time to meet.

With average health plan premiums increasing by over 4% each year, there’s never been a better time to break the cycle, and take control of rising costs.

We are different

My Health Navigator, a pharmacist-led service, helps your employees identify the safest, most effective & least costly medications, control health issues, and navigate a complicated healthcare system. 

The My Health Navigator team collaborates with your employees, their physicians, and other health care providers to promote patient-centered care by ensuring that all aspects of health are addressed fully.

How it works

A separate service from routine dispensing, My Health Navigator pharmacists comprehensively review prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, and supplement use to identify:

  • lower cost substitutions
  • overall cost effectiveness
  • avoidable side-effects
  • under/over utilization and usage gaps
  • inappropriate dosing
  • drug-disease and drug-drug interactions
  • high-risk medications

My Health Navigator uses integrated-technology to help with:

  • Quick and easy communication with your members in their preferred communication choice (text, email or call)
  • Collaborative communication with healthcare providers
  • Member pre-appointment preparation
  • Post-appointment follow-up
  • Comprehensive medication review process (CMR)
  • Up-to-date, accurate personal medication record (PMR)
  • Development of medication action plan (MAP)

Support for your entire population.

My Health Navigator covers all eligible* members, regardless of their health. There is no minimum condition requirement.

Anyone who uses:

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) medications
  • Prescription medications
  • Multiple medications
  • Vitamins, herbal, or dietary supplements
  • Prescriptions from multiple pharmacies
  • Medications requiring close monitoring
  • and more

Anyone who has:

  • Cost concerns
  • Prescriptions from multiple providers
  • Medication questions and problems
  • Undesirable side effects
  • Existing or new medications
  • Short-term or unexpected health issues
  • Been hospitalized
  • Chronic or long-term conditions
  • and more

Not available to those with Medicare coverage

Navigating healthcare is complex

Help your employees take the right path

  • Optimize Medication Regimens
  • Improve Medication Adherence
  • Identify & Implement Cost-Savings Opportunities
  • Disease-State Management by Expert Pharmacy Staff
  • Cutting-Edge Technology & Integrated Data

“I would like to give a huge shoutout to Whitney at My Health Navigator for her assistance in significantly lowering my prescription medication cost. Whitney and My Health Navigator managed to reduce the price from $1100 to just $75 for a 3-month supply, saving me a substantial amount of money. I am incredibly grateful for her invaluable support.”


My Health Navigator Member

Join the Mission to

Improve Population Health,
& Reduce Corporate Healthcare Spend

Schedule a consultation to see how Zoot’s integrated health & wellness solutions can reduce plan risk, mitigate costs, and give you a comprehensive view of your entire plan population.

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