Instant Decisioning



Zoot’s instant decisioning solution automates real time analytics-based decision making so financial institutions can function more efficiently while improving interactions with customers, applicants and employees. Likewise, the solution helps FIs more easily achieve compliance as a result of documented, traceable decisions.


Growing a customer base while minimizing risk exposure can be challenging for credit providers – and this risk can benefit from being managed. Regardless of size, every financial institution requires risk management tools to empower faster, accurate and well-informed decisioning.


It’s designed for business users who need the right tools to evaluate various decision scenarios for optimal outcomes. Zoot’s robust decision engine makes it easier for compliance and risk personnel to trace decisions. And credit risk teams can use its fully customizable modules to create analytical decisions models for their unique production environments.

Take Your Decisioning Efforts To The Next Level

Today’s financial institutions face a very high standard of expectations from their customers. To win business, they must respond to requests quickly – in real-time – with offers tailored to the applicants’ needs. Yet, simultaneously they must keep costs, and losses, at a minimum.

Instant Decisioning

Zoot’s instant decisioning solution lets you create and establish decision-process paths – by combining powerful decision trees, scorecards, strategy tables and champion-and-challenger techniques. And with Zoot’s ability to connect to not only the main credit bureaus but also to dozens of data and alternative data providers, instant decisioning can give new levels of insight to credit providers who need to make instant, well-informed lending decisions. We provide you with the power to make the right offers to the right customers at the right time.

Powerful Analytics

There’s a reason why Zoot processes millions of transactions a day. Our automated credit decisioning solution allows lenders to design and implement data driven product matching strategies and scales to accommodate increases in volume and growth. The result is more approved and accepted credit applications – in as little as 3 seconds – with reduced risk exposure.

Efficient Cost-Control

Zoot’s instant decisioning solution makes it easier, faster and more cost-effective for lenders to grow their business. FIs avoid overhead IT costs and Zoot’s connections to all three credit bureaus eliminates a client’s need to set up individual connections with reporting agencies. In addition, every analytical model release is delivered completely coded and tested – saving clients a great deal of time and energy. Operational costs are also greatly reduced by the client’s ability to access the solution through a single network connection to Zoot.

Build Stronger Portfolios

Zoot’s instant decisioning solution is designed to provide creditors and lenders with tools to improve profitability, mitigate risk and increase accuracy.

Improve Profitability

Increase your portfolio with cost-effective and fast access to proven business models. Combine that with immediate access to relevant data and you will be able to say “yes” to more applicants. Quickly assess risk and determine the best credit and offers.

Mitigate Risk

Eliminate risk in any economy by reducing delinquencies and charge-offs using your empirical models available through Zoot’s instant decisioning solution and consistent credit policies rather than relying upon subjective judgment.

Identify With Confidence

Our device and identity authentication partner integration provides an additional, strong layer of protection for businesses and their customers.

Increase Accuracy

Return the right decisions anywhere, anytime, in real-time. Zoot’s instant decisioning solution allows lenders and creditors of all sizes to go where their customers are – in the branches, online, in the call center, and at ATMs and kiosks.

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Zoot’s instant decisioning solution plays an important role in supporting regulatory compliance standards. Zoot’s flexible, configurable technology and readily-available testing tools can help you address regulatory compliance issues and help your organization attain best-practice credit risk management.

Numerous Applications

Zoot’s instant decisioning is more than an approve or decline decision tool. It can be used to improve a wide variety of customer decisions relevant to financial institutions. These include offer determinations, product bundling, retention offers, fraud determinations and delinquency treatments.

Take Your Decisioning Efforts To The Next Level

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