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Blog Post: The State of Origination

Like you, we are continually examining the state of origination in financial services. We recently published a new whitepaper that takes a fresh look at the current realities of credit cards, white label/retail cards, auto loans and demand deposit accounts in light of the exceptional year 2020 has been.



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The State of Origination: 2020

The state of origination in financial services is changing. Don’t miss this in-depth look.

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Traditional, Alternative and Emerging Data Sources for the Best Credit Decisions

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How Millennials are Changing the Lending and Borrowing Landscape

Millennials have eclipsed the baby boomers to officially become the largest generation in the U.S. They range in age from 18-35 and are poised to be the driving force of our economy in the near future.

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Blockchain: What’s Next? Protection for Titled Assets

It seems to be the hottest buzzword in our industry right now.  But, what is blockchain?  Nobody can really define it clearly.  But hundreds, maybe even thousands have tried.

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