Retain Customers


Once you gain a new customer, your next step is to create and nurture a long-term relationship. Our solutions are designed to help you expand on existing customer relationships and capitalize on cross-sell opportunities for maximum revenue growth. With Zoot’s predictive and adaptive analytics, you can exceed customer expectations with personal, proactive interactions and exceptional service.

Gain a more complete view of your customers.

Our vast data repositories are rich with the kind of borrower information that marketers want. Good data and our ability to stratify and analyze make us an ideal marketing partner. The world’s top financial institutions use our marketing tools daily to build lasting customer relationships. At Zoot, we combine our robust data with advanced analytics and technology to deliver fresh, meaningful customer insights that can help strengthen your cross-sell efforts and engagement strategies.


Increase wallet share and profitability of your existing customers with Zoot’s enterprise cross-sell – a sophisticated technology solution that uses detailed segmentation techniques to gain a better understanding of customer behavior.

Connect offers to the right customer segments with automated campaign planning that lets you pull more relevant, intelligent, predictive lists. Pair that information with knowledge of the right opportunities and it’s a win-win situation – your customers are satisfied and you receive a quick, sustainable return on your marketing investments.

Delivering Better Experiences with Artificial Intelligence

How the financial industry can exceed customer expectations and improve efficiency with AI and machine learning.

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