Title and Registration



Zoot’s solution automates the title and registration process while improving the customer experience. Our flexible, easily integrated solution supports applications, fee calculation, documentation, reporting and more, across all 50 US states. It provides agile technology that allows you to process more titles faster, with fewer manual steps and significantly fewer resources.


Zoot’s title and registration solution automates what has been a traditionally manual process. It allows you to capture and process title applications, calculate and pay state and county fees, track and report on progress, and automate virtually every step in the automotive titling realm.


It’s designed to help lenders gain significant efficiencies through automation. It helps auto lenders increase title throughput, grow their business and enhance profitability, all while delivering superior customer experiences.

Take Your Title and Registration Efforts To The Next Level

One area that remains mired in manual, paper-based processes is vehicle titling and registration.  Until now.

Increase Title and Registration Accuracy

By automating the steps of title and registration with a fully transparent, auditable tool, you can eliminate errors that may happen with manual reviews. Managing your workflow with Zoot can increase overall accuracy by eliminating break points in the handoffs between individuals and organizations.

Decrease Processing Time

In automotive markets, the title and registration processing time can languish as paper documentation moves through internal and external channels. This delayed timeframe can negatively impact customer satisfaction and reduce operational efficiency.

Zoot’s solution fixes this problem by automating and centralizing the workflow. Our solution will allow you to eliminate many of the time-consuming manual reviews, and report on the current status of any individual application. Decreased processing time means increased throughput, driving profitability and improved customer experiences.

Provide Transparent Reporting & Tracking

With real-time auditability and custom reporting, Zoot’s solution enables you to view, report on and analyze your titling and registration efforts. Use these insights to identify areas for improvement in operating efficiency and to manage regulatory requirements.

Enhance Asset Protection

Zoot’s end-to-end title and registration servicing solution delivers enhanced asset protection to any organization. By speeding up the cycle time, we enable lending institutions to place liens and reflect asset ownership quickly, reducing the time to arrive at collateral perfection . By automating the entire title and registration operation, you can eliminate the potential to stall or entirely miss a lien or bankruptcy documentation.

Improve Profitability

Zoot’s solution automates the title and registration process, giving you an end-to-end approach that decreases processing time, increases throughput and frees up many of your current resources. Those resources, whether your people or legacy systems, can now focus on actions that drive additional value and profit for your organization.

Deliver Vastly Improved Customer Experiences

With Zoot’s end-to-end title and registration solution, you have the ability to create delightful customer experiences. Gone are the mountains of paperwork and the weeks of silent waiting – our solution enables you to decrease processing times, eliminate tedious back-and-forth interactions, and seamlessly move from application to final documentation. Delight your customers with efficient, accurate and timely updates as their application moves through the steps, and deliver the final paperwork without any hiccups.

Take Your Title and Registration Efforts To The Next Level

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