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The Zoot Art Gallery in Bozeman, Montana features a rotating schedule of works by Montana artists in a corporate exhibition space for the enjoyment of employees and the community alike.

When Zoot founder and CEO Chris Nelson planned Zoot’s headquarters he required an unusual design element: space for a dedicated, first-rate art gallery. “Art spurs creativity in the work place and we wanted to have that environment here. It’s also important to provide local artists with a venue to display their works,” says Nelson.

The museum quality gallery boasts 108 linear feet of wall hanging space and large floor areas for sculpture. All work sold through the gallery is commission-free. The exhibits of Montana-only artists rotate approximately every three months, and are selected by the Zoot Committee for the Arts.

The Zoot Art Gallery is open to the public from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Gallery hours are extended for artist’s opening receptions, generally held from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm.


Heather Rapp
December 2019


Not only is the physical space of Zoot’s gallery impressive, so is the range of artists who exhibit their work here. Each show is completely different from the one before. This allows the diversity of Montana’s artists to be seen and regular attendees to experience many artistic styles.

The artists who have shown at Zoot are also featured at top galleries and juried shows nationally and internationally. More important than their credentials, however, is the passion and technique they bring to their work. These are artists whose paintings explode with color in landscapes or abstracts, or whose collages blend multimedia images to transform the mundane into story.

Zoot’s art committee has selected work from plein air painters, chain-saw sculptors, stained glass environmentalists, and more. Receptions are lively with large turnouts to enjoy the music and food.

  • Art spurs creativity in the work place and we wanted to have that environment here. It’s also important to provide local artists with a venue to display their works.

    Chris Nelson Zoot Founder & CEO
  • I’ve been fortunate to exhibit in the Zoot Art Gallery. It was an honor for me to display my artwork in such a well designed space and among such a friendly and generous group of people. This is a fabulous community resource for artists. The gallery is well worth a visit if you haven’t had the opportunity to do so.

    Carol Hartman Artist

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Current Exhibit


The Zoot Gallery is pleased to present “Mountain Magic” by artist, Heather Rapp, featuring abstract paintings inspired by the magical landscapes and animals of Montana.

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 5th, 6:00-8:00 pm

About Heather Rapp

I would describe my art as happy and vibrantly abstract, reflecting the positivity that nature and my subjects give to me. Every day I take the time to look around at the beauty surrounding me, I am filled with visions of paintings far more numerous than the hours I have available to paint. With only one college painting class as formal training, I have chosen to focus my energy on developing my own unique way of painting. My style is attributed to the roughness of a palette knife, the use of a spray bottle in dripping and mixing bright saturated colors in many layers, mixed mark making, and spiritual and animal forms or abstract landscapes. I often start a painting without knowing what it will become. This process of discovery is thrilling and a constant learning experience. I admire the looseness of Monet’s “Waterlilies”, a freedom I am constantly trying to achieve. I paint in many sizes but working large has become a new passion and is the most exhilarating. Murals and larger canvas pieces are what fuel my creative freedom and artistic fire.



If you have questions regarding the Zoot Art Gallery, please contact the gallery coordinator:

Darcy Barry
(406) 556-8930

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