Customer Acquisition
& Retention

Capture Customers to Accelerate Growth

We can help you retain customers while achieving and exceeding your growth goals, from account origination to prescreen and prequalification for multiple lines of business.


Streamline your origination process and offer paperless lending anytime, anywhere with Zoot. Our origination solutions enable rapid, effective credit origination. Target multiple markets, segments, products and channels. Support credit cards, demand deposit accounts, retail cards, unsecured loans, auto loans and other credit products.


Increase your new account acquisitions with a Zoot prescreen-of-one solution. Make instant prescreen credit offers to qualified customers or prospects online, through mobile apps, in branch and in call centers. Our solutions support both batch and real-time prescreening, so you can maximize your marketing investment.


Give prospects the ability to see applicable credit offers with a robust, consumer-initiated prequalification solution from Zoot. Support multiple lines of business (credit cards, unsecured lending, auto loans and more) by putting the consumer in the driver’s seat. Prequalification lets you present viable credit offers without unnecessary impact to credit scores.

Instant Decisioning

Easily integrate a Zoot instant decisioning solution and confidently decision applications in under a second. With Zoot, you can provide immediate responses and enhance the customer experience. Access hundreds of real-time data products to make relevant offers and improve responses with a convenient, streamlined user experience.

Data Acquisition

Use a Zoot data acquisition solution to make intelligent decisions about when and to whom to extend credit. With Zoot, you can cut through the noise to find and utilize the most valuable information for your specific use case. Put information when and where you need it in the credit lifecycle with a powerful, easy-to-use solution.

Enterprise Cross-Sell

Increase wallet share and profitability while improving customer experiences with one of Zoot’s enterprise cross-sell solutions. Our sophisticated technology uses detailed segmentation techniques to help you better understand customer behavior and needs. Use that insight to identify best-fit offers, from credit cards to unsecured loans to additional deposit accounts.

Merchant Acquisition & Monitoring

Manage your merchant relationships and mitigate risks with Zoot’s merchant acquisition and monitoring solutions. Leverage sub-second decisioning and a fully automated underwriting process to provide a seamless onboarding experience for all merchants – large and small. Our solution also makes it easy to achieve a thorough understanding of the full spectrum of risks like fraud, non-compliance issues, attrition and bankruptcy, as well as to detect and track suspicious transactions.

“With full privacy compliance and required regulatory approvals, Zoot’s offering leverages existing investments, and time-honored marketing best practices to significantly reduce acquisition costs.”

Vice President Product Marketing

Data Provider Partner