Build deeper customer relationships


Why Enterprise Cross-Sell?

It’s more important than ever to improve the customer experience and build deeper customer relationships, increase trust and foster loyalty. With Zoot’s Enterprise Cross-Sell® solution, you can – and you’ll enjoy a unified, integrated customer view and uncover new revenue opportunities.

You can create accurate customer segments to promote different products and services based on need, behavior or other criteria. This highly effective approach can help you use credit cross-sell to grow business and acquire clients, while improving the customer experience.

“Zoot’s solution is very attractive to financial services companies that want to extend real-time offers of credit across multiple channels.”

VP Product Marketing – Acxiom

With a Zoot Cross-Sell Solution, You Can:

  • Enhance customer experience
  • Retain more customers
  • Better understand customer needs
  • Coordinate marketing and selling efforts
  • Grow deposit and credit accounts
  • Leverage flexible technologies

Drive Revenue Growth

Uncover new revenue opportunities and propensities in your customer base. With Zoot, you can use a cross-sell report to forecast expected behavior and flag the customers most – or least – likely to respond to a promotion, or identify at-risk customers before they leave.

Embrace Mobile/Online Channels

Your customers love the anytime, anywhere access a mobile and online banking provides – and with Zoot, you can capitalize on that digital growth. Target the right customer at the right time with the right message, and put your relevant product/service offer directly into the digital banking experience.

Increase Customer Portfolios

With a finely tuned cross-sell and up-sell platform, you can effectively optimize per-customer revenue, increase your wallet share and strengthen ‘stickiness’. Lock in future revenue with long-term agreements, retain value, minimize discounting and uncover more opportunities that have been hiding in plain sight.

Driving Better Experiences with AI

Exceed customer expectations and improve efficiency with artificial intelligence and machine learning.