Merchant Acquisition & Monitoring

Make precise, profitable decisions and manage risk while growing your merchant portfolio


Why Merchant Acquisition & Monitoring?

The concept of a “merchant” is experiencing a seismic shift. Consumers continue to decrease their reliance on cash and checks, and embrace electronic commerce and P2P money moving solutions. Businesses and individuals want to provide their customers the option to pay for goods and services with credit cards, debit cards and alternative payment products.

By enabling merchants to accept these forms of payment, merchant acquirers expose themselves to risk. The challenge for acquirers is to identify the likelihood of risks, like bankruptcy attrition and merchant fraud, and mitigate losses while increasing portfolio volume.

Zoot’s advanced merchant acquisition and monitoring solution provides you with the industry’s most comprehensive approach to acquiring and monitoring merchants. Our innovative solution is designed to intelligently detect patterns and anomalies, enabling you to be more sophisticated and efficient in your initial merchant vetting and ongoing monitoring.

“Our goal with the G2 Compass Score is to help financial institutions grow faster and mitigate more risk upfront. The integration of the G2 Compass Score and Zoot’s world-class credit decisioning solutions accelerates these benefits significantly.”

With a Zoot Merchant Solution, You Can:

  • Acquire and onboard new merchants
  • Predict the likelihood of fraud-targeted merchant activity, bankruptcy and risk of attrition among existing merchants
  • Measure merchants’ card association compliance across organizational and periodic views

Employ Efficient, Sophisticated Underwriting

Using Zoot, you get access to a wide variety of business and consumer credit data, as well as a wealth of alternative credit and fraud data, providing the flexibility to assess merchant risk on a case-by-case basis. And once you access the appropriate data, you can originate the application according to your unique business logic – completely configured without IT assistance.

Monitor and Manage Risk

Track risks across any number of metrics. Baseline metrics include total sales, charge backs/sales ratio, historic performance, or performance against other merchants in the same MCC, chain or region. You can define metrics to support risk monitoring and analysis across several dimensions, including method of payment, settlement frequency or transaction type.

Access Real Time Data

To find what a merchant may be hiding, you need access to a sophisticated, configurable solution that can give you a complete view of your merchant. With a  Zoot merchant acquisition solution, you get the robust data you need, including millions of merchants and thousands of data points.

Driving Better Experiences with AI

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