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Zoot's Loan Origination Solution

Why Origination?

Streamline your loan process and offer paperless lending – anytime, anywhere with Zoot’s origination solution. Our answer to loan origination completes the lending process, from application and credit scoring to servicing provider integration, across multiple markets, segments and channels. It provides agile technology that allows you to close more loans faster, with fewer resources – all with an unprecedented level of control and flexibility.

Not only does our solution support you with powerful tools and robust integrations that reduce data entry, it helps accelerate loan processing times while avoiding costly errors. You get the flexibility and agility to adjust to the rapidly changing marketplace, establish and manage individual business standards and automate virtually transaction.

“The updates to Zoot’s loan origination solution allow us to directly manage the path and flow of the application from beginning to end, where previously our level of control was over the decisioning portion. The ability to make changes on our own across the entire origination process allows us to control our own destiny.”


Vice President, Credit Risk – Major U.S. Retailer

With a Zoot Origination Solution, You Can:

  • Originate and close more loans with fewer resources
  • Mitigate risk and respond more rapidly to industry changes
    Gain processing efficiencies and take advantage of cross-sell activities
  • Update pricing and regulatory documentation instantly across the entire platform
  • Establish your own business standards, including operating procedures, conditions and limits, automating virtually every transaction


Across Your
Lines of Business

Get the best end-to-end solution to support your specific lines of business.

Credit Card

Retail Installment Financing

Retail Credit Card

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Drive Profitable Growth

Hone your competitive advantage and use Zoot’s Origination solution to cost-effectively build more profitable portfolios, manage risk at the customer level and adapt to rapid changes in your business.

Manage Regulatory Compliance

Your solution plays an important role in maintaining regulatory compliance standards. Zoot’s flexible, configurable technology and readily available testing tools can help you address compliance needs and employ best-practice credit risk management.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve your productivity with automated decisioning, while increasing approval rates and identifying cross-selling opportunities. One solution for multiple lines of business lets you reduce infrastructure investment and maintenance costs.

Enhance Customer Experience

Deliver the experiences your customers expect, regardless of channel. Reduce your processing times and enhance the speed and precision of the application experience, while keeping communications and customer engagement well-orchestrated and consistent between channels.

Decisioning Platform Buyer's Guide

Technology that helps minimize friction, balance risk, manage compliance, and maximize efficiency is key to growth. Whether reviewing your current technology or researching options, it’s critical to identify your organization’s requirements to define essential features and capabilities.