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Zoot is excited to announce a new channel and format for our audience. We have been producing a podcast, called The Finance Frontier, and it’s ready for you to listen!

While the podcast format is new for us, the approach and topics are all geared to our sweet spot: the financial industry. The Finance Frontier is a new avenue for me to address the leading and bleeding edges of the financial industry, speak with knowledgeable experts and feature engaging, immersive stories from the front lines.

It has been a lot of fun to put this podcast together, and I am thrilled to be able to share our first few episodes with you.

First Podcast Series: Financial Fraud

For our first series of epsodes, we decided to tackle a big issue: fraud in finance. We produced a series of interviews and stories on the topic, and have them available for you to listen at your convenience. Whether we’re discussing the best ways to fight fraud, exploring the implications of blockchain in the industry, examining the heartbreaking story of someone who committed financial fraud or reviewing the state of fraud in the industry, we’ve got something to interest anyone in finance. The first three episodes in this five part series are available today, and be sure to check back for new content as we will be releasing a new episode every other Wednesday.

The next series of episodes will focus on using data from a number of sources to provide financial inclusion for unbanked and underbanked consumers. We will address different kinds of data, talk with people who have been personally affected, and explore what it means for financial institutions to provide products and services to the 75 million Americans who are unbanked/underbanked.

As we continue to produce episodes, we will be tackling topics ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning to the future of blockchain, fintech evolution and more.

Be sure to subscribe for updates and background for each of our episodes. If you have topic ideas or if you’d like to participate as a guest, you can contact us as well.

Stay tuned for more episodes and enjoy the podcast!

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