[Webinar] The Cash Flow Underwriting Advantage

Dec 6, 2023

Reduce Fraud, Increase Impact with Cash Flow Underwriting


Banks, retailers, and financial institutions around the world are looking for new ways to increase market share while reducing fraud in an ever-changing economic climate.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how open-finance is redefining how banks and consumers interact and how integrating cash flow underwriting into your existing decisioning logic can be the rocket fuel your business needs to outpace the competition.

“Once we have that bank account information, [Prism] is providing insight back to you in real time. It’s a sub second response.”

Key Takeaways

  • Cash flow underwriting provides the “missing link” to the holistic view of the customer
  • Collaborative business models and partnerships are critical to meet the ever-changing needs of the customer
  • With cash flow analysis, shifts in income can be identified by analyzing just a few weeks of data.
  • Consumers are willing to integrate banking data for improved offers
  • Zoot’s decisioning power is helping banks realize a strong time-to-value by combining capabilities and components that drive products to the market faster
  • Forward-thinking lenders minimize risk and approve more thin-file & no-file customers by leveraging Zoot’s advanced data orchestration capabilities and CashScore by Prism Data

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Featured Speakers

Casey Ferguson, VP of Marketing, Zoot, Headshot

Casey Ferguson, VP of Marketing, Zoot Enterprises

Casey is the Vice President of Marketing at Zoot Enterprises, the leading provider of advanced data orchestration and decisioning technologies worldwide. As an accomplished entrepreneur, marketing strategist, and business leader, he draws upon his extensive background to drive customer-focused solutions at Zoot. Casey is driven by the possibilities that blossom at the intersection of creativity and commerce.

Kimberly Gartner, Head of Partnerships, Prism Data

Kimberly Gartner, Head of Partnerships, Prism Data

Kimberly Gartner is responsible for partnerships at Prism Data, a cash flow underwriting infrastructure and analytics platform that clients leverage to accurately predict credit risk, score missing- and thin-file consumers, identify first-party fraud, and assist in the management of existing portfolios. She was an early advisor to Petal Card, where Prism was incubated. Kimberly’s commitment to financial health was solidified during her tenure at the Financial Health Network (formerly CFSI) and as a co-founder of Canary, a global employee relief fund platform. She started her financial services career at Sears Credit.

Jacob Morgan, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Jacob Morgan (Guest), Principal Analyst, Forrester

Jacob is a principal analyst in Forrester’s financial services practice. He helps leaders understand and respond to the challenges of digitizing their business strategy and provides insights into how culture, technology, and organizational change can accelerate transformation and innovation. Jacob leads Forrester’s research on the future of banking, the future of payments, open finance, and platform business models in financial services. He contributes to and is quoted by media such as the Australian Broadcasting Company, The Banker, Bloomberg, Forbes, the Financial Brand, the Financial Times, The Economist, Les Echos, and La Tribune. He is based in the UK and has global coverage.

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