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Employee Health

A prescription for a healthier and more productive workplace.

Businesses of all sizes are facing challenges with rising costs, recruiting & retention, and healthy & productive employees. Elevate your workforce well-being with Zoot’s cutting edge corporate healthcare solutions. With Healthy is Wellness & My Health Navigator, Zoot empowers you to enhance employee health, cut costs, and optimize processes seamlessly. Together, Zoot is supporting over 80,000 lives in the Rocky Mountain west and expanding rapidly across the United States. Experience the proven effectiveness of Zoot’s actively engaging approach that delivers tangible results.

72% of health plan costs derive from only 10% of the plan population.

-National Library of Medicine

Personalized Assessments & Coaching

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Pharmacist-led prescription adherence

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Together, we help you overcome key business challenges

Zoot’s integration of advanced decisioning and data orchestration in healthcare marks a transformative leap. Streamlining processes, enhancing care, and optimizing resource allocation showcase the profound impact of our innovative approach, revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. 

Promote Active Participation in Health

Retain & Recruit More Employees

Manage Unexpected Absenteeism

Ensure Happy, Healthy, & Productive Employees

Control Rising Health Insurance Costs

Prevent Costly Health Events

Payer & Provider Credentialing

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Late Stage Revenue Cycle Management

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Healthcare Industry

Unleash the future of healthcare efficiency with Zoot’s dynamic solutions. From seamless payer & provider credentialing to optimizing late stage revenue management, Zoot gives you access to relevant, real-time data for better outcomes.

Fueled by cutting-edge data connectivity and advanced decisioning capabilities, Zoot is on a perpetual quest to revolutionize healthtech as we explore innovative avenues to elevate your organization’s performance and impact.

Payer & Provider Credentialing

Streamlines internal efficiencies, eliminating the need to hire additional staff.

In-line data validation eliminates incomplete applications and reduces errors.

Automates connections to NPPES, DEA/CDS, ABMS, FSMB, OIG, NPDB and more.

System-to-system integration supports No Surprises Act mandated provider roster & directory updates.

Improves quality outcomes by reducing timelines from weeks to days.

Primary source verification, document attach & packet preparation capabilities.

Pre-configured and customizable
features ensure satisfaction.

Scalability to evolve over time and future-proof your solution.

Zoot's potential for improving the healthcare credentialing process.

Late Stage Revenue Cycle Management

Analyze patients’ credit worthiness, insurance coverage, & ability to pay in real-time

Reduce friction by integrating with existing systems (EHR, practice management, billing, etc.)

Decrease time to payment with easy, flexible financing options
(card or installment)

Connect with disparate internal and external data sources

Scalable system can be integrated at all levels (solo practice to integrated delivery networks [IDN])

Prequalify patients or clients with no impact to credit bureau score

Zoot’s healthtech solutions unlock possibilities across the healthcare lifecycle


Exchange data across disparate systems, organizations, and partners. Build a more comprehensive and holistic picture of patients, providers, and member plans with a tailored technology solution.


Achieve timely vetting while ensuring accuracy and compliance in the clinician credentialing process. Optimize your onboarding process with a tailored, automated credentialing solution powered by instant access to powerful data and workflows.


Using integrated data and technology, pharmacists at My Health Navigator engage with your entire employee population, empowering them to manage their health, save money, enhance their quality of life, while improving your bottom line.


A better way to assess, and reduce, health risks, Healthy is Wellness pairs in-person coaching experiences with data, medical grade technology, and a friendly app, making changes that create real results for individuals and organizations.


Mike Follett

Mike Follett

Executive Vice President,
Zoot Medical Division

Mike Follett

Mike Follett

Executive Vice President,
Zoot Medical Division