Data Acquisition



Zoot’s data acquisition solution is an independent portal of established connections to a global network of integration-ready data and service providers. This solution is an efficient way to access better data sets that solve problems for financial institutions – while providing opportunities to be innovative.


Zoot’s data acquisition solution is designed to work the same way you do. It can reveal the information that pertains to the role of each user – strategy, financial and marketing. Users will have access to extremely precise data which allows you to make strategic decisions with greater confidence.


Benefits are enterprise-wide. Our solution connects many large data sources to one platform, enabling everyone to become more productive. This empowers your experts to focus on specific problems, centralizes institutional knowledge and enforces security – all of which significantly reduces time to explore ideas while producing results and enabling wide-spread collaboration to increase efficiency.

Take Your Data Acquisition Efforts To The Next Level

Financial institutions waste hundreds of hours searching for information rather than performing analysis – at great cost. Zoot enables organizations to overcome these challenges by integrating disparate data for collaborative, intuitive analysis across the enterprise.

A Unified Environment

Zoot’s data acquisition solution proficiently connects systems to provide a common access point for users to leverage their firm’s plethora of information. Using these data integration capabilities, organizations can bring in a wide range of vendor data. Additionally, our solution combines vendor data with your in-house data sources to form a rich, interrelated model of the financial world.

Real Time, Actionable Data

Our powerful data acquisition solution gives analysts a robust set of tools in a single package. Users don’t have to create massive tangled spreadsheets or a complex set of code in order to generate results. Users can easily access large amounts of data to augment, enrich and complement their analysis requirements. This allows users to change assumptions and re-run analyses on the fly, creating a richer, more comprehensive, integrative research process. Analysts can also turn these analyses into reports, allowing users to drill in and interact with the data in meaningful ways.

Valuable Marketing Insights

This solution provides information on financial objects and features nimble configuration to enable users and organizations to completely customize their analysis. By providing valuable insights, applications for Zoot’s data acquisition solution can be used across different analyses and eventually included in production workflows.

Connect Work Groups and Business Users

Big data is everywhere and it’s crucial to identify what’s just white noise and what can integrate effectively into your business strategy. Zoot’s data acquisition solution allows your business analysts to collaborate seamlessly across the organization -not just by passing along reports and other data but by actually sharing data, conclusions and analytic workflows. Collaboration occurs under a robust security model – ensuring that proprietary datasets are protected from outflow and unauthorized access. With Zoot, your organization can quickly, securely perform the most in-depth and efficient analysis on your enterprise knowledge base.

Not Just for Technical Users

Our user-friendly data acquisition solution provides quick and easy access for all members of your enterprise, regardless of their knowledge base. Analysts no longer have to rely on engineers to pull data or worry about writing queries. Instead, users can stay focused on analysis, reviewing research and producing reports that incorporate all data within the organization.

Take Your Data Acquisition Efforts To The Next Level

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