Fraud Platform

Make precise and profitable decisions


Why a Fraud Platform?

When it comes to fraud detection, you can face significant challenges – conflicting transaction systems, fragmented detection solutions, high operational costs and quickly evolving techniques. You need an effective fraud detection and prevention solution to mitigate losses and protect your business.

The right solution can deliver huge benefits, like driving down costs and risks, improving customer satisfaction and enabling innovation. With Zoot, you can implement a solution that includes business rules, anomaly detection, predictive analytics, text mining and social network analysis to reveal hidden relationships and suspicious associations among customers, accounts and other entities.

Are you ready to lower your total cost of ownership and protect your financial institution’s brand and reputation? If so, you’re ready for Zoot.

Zoot has transformed the industry standard – basic stand-alone detection – to one of enterprise predictive risk assessment that integrates big data, advanced analytics, real-time functionality and customer experience.

“We can identify red flags fairly easily and split those applications out for a second look, a harder look, to help us in our effort to reduce losses.”

Product Manager, Consumer Credit Card – Top U.S. Card Issuer

With a Zoot Fraud Solution, You Can:

  • Gain a streamlined view of suspicious activities across all products and channels to detect emerging fraud schemes and entry points
  • Obtain an integrated view of all fraud activity with an advanced technology to uncover hidden trends and relationships
  • Identify fraud events and prevent losses through real-time monitoring

Prevent Fraud Anytime, Anywhere

Directly interface with channels like POS, ATM, online and mobile to detect and prevent fraud in real-time. Rapidly detect and prevent complex fraud schemes to minimize losses, maximize customer trust and reduce reputational risk.

Get A Comprehensive View

Track losses, recoveries and settlements throughout the entire fraud lifecycle with interactive tools and capabilities. Access on-demand and real time information to make informed and accurate decisions.

Take Control

Build standardized, flexible and scalable processes that are configurable and easily updated to meet emerging fraud patterns. Help your risk and compliance officers prioritize the most critical instances of fraud with complete transparency and auditability.

Improve Customer Experiences

Provide better customer protection with fewer account interruptions through targeted alerts and reduced false positives. You can also meet or exceed emerging regulations, guidelines and customer expectations.

Neutralizing Fraud

We are living in and learning to navigate a radically changed world.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about the incidences, impacts and prevention tactics for financial fraud today.