Merchant Acquisition and Monitoring



Zoot’s Merchant Acquisition & Monitoring solution helps you to clearly see the potential – both good and bad – in your new accounts and make relevant, informed offers to develop primary accounts. It helps acquirers find the best new merchants, while identifying those that have unacceptable levels of risk, using powerful rules management capabilities. In addition, it helps to streamline risk analysis and investigations with advanced case management.


Merchant acquirers need the right level of support to successfully onboard new accounts, while also detecting all merchant risk, and the ability to act on both in a timely manner. Our system is designed to give acquirers an immediate, inside look at new merchants, which offers are best suited for each merchant and the potential risk while providing enough time and agility to prevent losses before they occur.


Zoot’s merchant solution brings greater insight and efficiencies to merchant acquirers’ onboarding and management of merchant risk. To protect themselves from taking on too much risk, merchant acquirers need the ability to evaluate a new business, identify credit worthiness and likelihood of the business committing fraud against the merchant acquirer or consumers.

Take Your Merchant Efforts To The Next Level

Delivering customer-focused onboarding while efficiently maintaining multiple accounts can be a challenge with isolated systems and inefficient procedures. Zoot’s solution can transform account opening, origination and onboarding operations for your firm. Our solution will enable you to deliver outstanding customer experiences while closing new business more efficiently than ever before.

For most businesses, accepting credit and debit cards as well as mobile payments is critical to ensuring that no sales are lost and to maintaining a healthy revenue stream. While it is well established how important these forms of payments are to businesses, merchant acquirers are exposing themselves to risk. In order to continue growing their portfolios while managing risk and costs, merchant acquirers need to develop a more efficient and intelligent approach to merchant underwriting and monitoring.

A Comprehensive Approach

The bottom line is that acquirers need the right level of support to successfully understand merchant health and their potential for risk. Zoot can help you meet these objectives by giving you the ability to thoroughly understand merchants’ levels of risk over time with aggregated information, and to detect suspicious transactions.

Our data and rules processing capabilities also support expansive development and summarized information on transactions and merchants. We provide you with a nimble, flexible solution to assess each merchant as needed. For established businesses, it might be appropriate to look at a business credit file. For a small start-up, it might be more appropriate to look at the consumer credit history of the business principles.

Efficient, Sophisticated Underwriting

As a merchant acquirer you need the ability to evaluate a new business, identify the creditworthiness and likelihood of the business committing fraud. It is imperative that this onboarding process be as efficient as possible to scale with your portfolio growth.

Zoot’s solution enables optimal efficiency by seamlessly integrating automation and manual steps when required. If an application needs manual review, it can exit the automated process and route to the appropriate manual review queue. Once the issue has been cleared, the application can seamlessly re-enter the automated process where it exited, rather than going back to the beginning.

Our solution gives you access to a wide variety of business and consumer credit data as well as a wealth of alternative credit and fraud data, providing the flexibility to assess merchant risk on a case-by-case basis. Once you access the appropriate data, you can originate the application according to your unique business logic – completely configured without IT assistance. The process also includes the ability to ensure funds are available to cover charge backs if the merchant intentionally walks away from financial responsibility or is not fulfilling customer orders.

A Customized Solution

Our solution will allow you to measure merchants’ card association compliance across a periodic and organizational view, as well as calculate existing and potential profitability for each merchant. You will also have the flexibility to predict the likelihood of collusive or fraud-targeted activity, bankruptcy of existing merchants, and the risk of attrition among existing merchants in order to manage merchant satisfaction.

Our solution also provides the capability for acquirers to track risks across nearly any number of metrics. Baseline metrics include total sales, charge backs/sales ratio, historic performance, or performance against other merchants in the same MCC, chain or region. You can define metrics to support risk monitoring and analysis across several dimensions, including method of payment, settlement frequency or transaction type.

Real Time Data

Once you have gone through the time and expense to on-board the merchants that fit your portfolio’s risk profile, you need to ensure those merchants stay profitable. To find what a merchant may be hiding, you need access to a sophisticated, configurable solution that can give you a complete view of your merchant.

Our solution, built on over two decades of monitoring expertise, industry knowledge and analyst experience, does just that. The foundation of our solution consists of robust data, including millions of merchants and thousands of data points. With this data set and our industry expertise, we are uniquely positioned to help you detect changes in your merchant portfolio.

Intelligent Risk Monitoring

When merchants demonstrate behaviors that alter the risk initially assumed during the onboarding phase, it’s critical to respond quickly. To identify these risky behaviors, Zoot enables you to easily configure automated risk triggers based on merchant behaviors. Our solution allows you to monitor all merchant transactions. In addition, automated risk triggers can proactively identify potential problems.

The solution will also allow you to configure manual review screens and business rules to consolidate information for quick evaluation and resolution of risk triggers. You can then increase the reserves on the merchant’s account, request improved financial statements, cancel the account due to fraud or proceed as initiated.

Take Your Merchant Efforts To The Next Level

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