Zoot’s WebRules® platform gives you complete control. With WebRules, you can provide nimble, purpose-built solutions for your financial institution’s end-to-end decisioning needs — all within the reliability, redundancy, and security of our world-class infrastructure.


With Zoot, your company can have it all.

Using the WebRules platform, you can:

  • Decrease reliance on constrained internal IT or programming staff – letting them focus on legacy priorities
  • Give control to business users for quick response to market changes without the need for IT resources
  • Decrease cost per booked account using automation and least-cost routing
  • Improve efficiency by automating your existing business logic and processes
  • Route applications through appropriate manual channels when required
  • Provide access through a web browser with an easy-to-download Java applet

WebRules is available as a testing platform and as your production engine.

WebRules Live

WebRules Live is your secure, scalable engine for executing business logic, data integrations, decision policy and more. Live provides a reliable, available, hosted environment for some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Live is the core of what Zoot does. Live gives you the ability to process more transactions, streamline your customer experience and increase speed to market to beat out your competition.  Our engine is built to suit your needs today while enabling you to prepare for future expansion.

WebRules Builder

WebRules Builder is your comprehensive design environment to build and test decision logic, user screens, data integrations, workflows and more. This tool enables your business users to create and modify every aspect of consumer facing credit applications. It is also the foundation for the information gathering and underwriting elements in your end-to-end loan origination system.

Builder is an easy-to-use interface that gives you control over application pages, underwriter screens, decision logic and more. With this control, you can significantly reduce development time and get to market quickly. Once you have designed the application page, you can seamlessly integrate it into your loan origination system.

You can also use Builder to easily modify existing screens in an origination process, even creating new fields and design elements in response to changing market or regulatory requirements. All of this helps you maintain your competitive advantage, drive revenue, decrease expenses, and grab market share.

WebRules Live & WebRules Builder

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