Digital Banking Trends: Customer Engagement Strategies

Jan 11, 2022

The Customer Experience

For financial institutions, delivering a powerful digital customer experience¹ is integral to growth and survival.

In the wake of the greatest acceleration of digital banking in history², FIs are striving to perfect a hybrid customer experience model. Balancing omnichannel technology with frontline interactions is critical for a robust customer experience.

According to Vava Afshare, Chief Digital Analyst at Salesforce, the quality of the customer experience directly impacts the potential for business success³. 80% of customers say the experiences provided by a company are as important to them as its products and services.

Companies must realize they’re no longer competing against the guy down the street or with the brand that sells similar products. Instead, they’re competing with every other experience a customer has.”

Dan Gingiss, Author and Customer Experience Expert

Personalized Marketing

For FIs, the lingering reluctance for face-to-face interaction makes the digital customer experience more important than ever. A strong digital presence fortified with personalization technology is a cornerstone for any growth strategy in an increasingly competitive environment.

Mobile and online banking platforms have evolved into key channels for engagement4. Globally, 73% of people use online banking at least once a month5, providing FIs with an ideal arena to provide a valuable, personalized customer experience.

Personalization, defined as “the practice of using data to initiate targeted advertising,” refers to a customer-centric, data-driven marketing approach. “Personalization is the holy grail of brand marketing,” according to Bill Duggan, Group EVP at the Association of National Advertisers. “It provides the ability to speak directly to the consumer, delivering the right message, at the right time, in the right medium.”6

Companies like Netflix and Amazon have normalized personalization. Their intelligent, data-driven interactions have conditioned consumers to not only expect but routinely rely on customized offers and suggestions.

Mobile is not an additional channel to add to your digital transformation strategy. Instead it should be acknowledged as the catalyst for customer-centric applications and future development.”

Jim Marous, The Financial Brand

Engagement Technology

FIs can leverage similar, data-driven, tailored messaging to deliver a unified, end-to-end consumer experience. With Zoot’s cross-sell solution, Prescreen-of-One, financial institutions can easily integrate personalized offers across their engagement channels.

Customers are served personalized offers using real-time, actionable data. No matter where the interaction takes place (the website, mobile app, the branch, etc.), Prescreen-of-One engages customers when they are most responsive – delivering a seamless experience.

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