A highly cost-effective cross-sell solution, Prescreen-of-One works easily within your existing technology – requiring no IT support. In seconds, our solution simultaneously delivers decisioning and prescreens offers for additional services. No additional rekeying of data is required, since it automatically utilizes data from the initial account set-up to expedite and streamline the return of decisioning information and prescreened offers.


Armed with split-second credit insight and recommendations, financial institutions can be sure that they are making the right offers to the right customers at the right time – increasing penetration and maximizing customer account life-time value.


For retail banks, deepening customer relationships via cross-selling is one of the keys to profitability. Zoot’s Prescreen-of-One lets front-line sales associates confidently cross-sell at the point-of-sale with real-time prescreening for preapproved credit offers.

Take Your Prescreen Efforts To The Next Level

Today’s financial marketers are challenged with predicting future outcomes and ensuring that marketing investments are focused on the right customers. They must confidently target customers who are more willing to respond to relevant offers, open new accounts, align with risk strategies and perform profitably.

Improve Campaign Performance

When interacting with prospects, whether on a mobile device or in the branch, you only have a brief window of time to maximize new account opportunities. With Zoot’s Prescreen-of-One you can leverage an expansive set of predictive data points, industry-leading scores and models as well as predefined criteria and achieve unparalleled campaign results.

Improve Efficiencies

With Prescreen-of-One, improved efficiency is achieved by the lack of IT support required to sustain the solution, as it easily works within your existing framework. In addition, you can access decisioning information and prescreened offers for additional services in seconds. No additional rekeying is required, as it automatically leverages data used in the initial account set-up to expedite and streamline the decisioning process and return prescreened offers.

Reduce Risk

Zoot’s Prescreen-of-One provides clients with a fast, low-cost method for eliminating potential credit fraud. Discrepancies and inconsistencies found in the application data can be resolved automatically to exclude potential fraudsters from obtaining preapproved credit offers.

Improve Response Rates

Zoot’s Prescreen-of-One is a cross-sell solution designed for financial institutions with an immediate need to cost-effectively increase new credit accounts. Our solution allows you to define and change your score approval range whenever necessary. With this flexibility, you can effortlessly make instant, preapproved credit offers.

Increase Profits

Prescreen-of-One can help banks overcome common challenges associated with opening new accounts. This is accomplished by:

  • Increasing account openings with instant access to reliable credit insight for prescreen offers
  • Boosting profitability by extending the right offers at the right time to the right customers
  • Maximizing wallet share by combining Prescreen-of-One with an account segmentation tool for a complete picture of financial capability that supports stronger cross-selling
  • Improving ROI by seamlessly accessing integrated, enriched consumer credit information in real-time with no additional IT support required

Take Your Prescreen Efforts To The Next Level

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