Instant Decisioning

For Direct Deposit Accounts

Get the best instant decisioning solution for your DDA line of business

Demand deposit accounts are the lifeblood of your business. But your customers are overwhelmingly embracing digital account opening, and changing when and where they interact with your company. Regardless of the channel they choose to open an account, your customers expect immediate responses. If you want to compete – and win – you need an instant decisioning solution that lets you capitalize on the moment of customer engagement and deliver the seamless experiences consumers expect.

Instant Decisioning for DDA

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Decisioning DDA


Flexibility and Scale

Discover how Zoot lets you make instant decisions to support DDA acquisition, with the flexibility and scale to grow with you.

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Customer Application Experience

Deliver the best customer application experience, regardless of channel. Create an easy, convenient process with an instant decision – all while managing your risk.

Future Proof Decisioning

Leverage a nimble, flexible, and adaptable decisioning engine that can scale and grow with you while helping you respond to changing market and regulatory issues.

Real-Time Control

Take control of your decisioning engine and update business logic, rules, workflow, and data and service provider integrations in real-time, to meet your unique needs.

Integration Capabilities

Quickly and easily connect to internal and third party data sources using an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

Solution Concept: Zoot’s Instant Decisioning for DDA


Instant Decisioning for DDA

Take An In-Depth Look

Decisioning DDA