Data Acquisition


Successful financial institutions thrive by capitalizing on a variety of data sources. With Zoot, financial institutions have the ability to choose which data providers they use to inform those decisions. Effectively integrating multiple sources of data into existing workflows will allow institutions to emerge as leaders in this ever-changing and dynamic industry.

Created with the needs of financial executives in mind, Zoot’s data acquisition solution enables you to interact with data in a unified, intuitive and highly customizable environment so you can conduct more in-depth analysis and discover more valuable insights. All of your institutional data can be easily integrated to produce a complete picture, a single source of truth for decisions.

This comprehensive perspective provides critical information for strategic planning – giving you a clear view of performance, risk and options for future direction. This holistic view carries over to marketing strategies that can lead to top-of-mind, omni-channel campaigns to target audiences – boosting account holder profitability and growth for your enterprise.


Our data acquisition solution allows users to:

  • Access timely and accurate data with ease
  • Discover actionable data
  • Gain insights of performance and predictive insights to winning strategies
  • Minimize risk by identifying exposures
  • Decrease costs and increase access

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Using data to improve financial inclusion.

Data Acquisition

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  • Having tools that allow banks the flexibility to easily incorporate third-party data into their operations, without coding, eliminates barriers such as increasing costs and IT limitations.

    David Albertazzi Senior Analyst, Aite Group

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