Credit Risk
& Compliance

Manage credit risk and compliance requirements from one intuitive platform

Take control of credit risk, compliance requirements and regulatory demands. Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of features like real-time risk model updates, user permission controls and seamless connections to your internal and third party systems.


We understand the challenges financial institutions face in the fight against fraud – conflicting transaction systems, fragmented detection solutions, and high operational costs. Our solution lets you integrate new and existing systems while driving down costs and risks – improving customer satisfaction and enabling innovation.

Data Acquisition

Use a Zoot data acquisition solution to make intelligent decisions about when and to whom to extend credit. With Zoot, you can cut through the noise to find and utilize the most valuable information for your specific use case. Put information when and where you need it in the credit lifecycle with a powerful, easy-to-use solution.


Increase your new account acquisitions with a Zoot prescreen-of-one solution. Make instant prescreen credit offers to qualified customers or prospects online, through mobile apps, in branch and in call centers. Our solutions support both batch and real-time prescreening, so you can maximize your marketing investment.


Streamline your origination process and offer paperless lending anytime, anywhere with Zoot. Our origination solutions enable rapid, effective credit origination. Target multiple markets, segments, products and channels. Support credit cards, demand deposit accounts, retail cards, unsecured loans, auto loans and other credit products.

Instant Decisioning

Easily integrate a Zoot instant decisioning solution and confidently decision applications in under a second. With Zoot, you can provide immediate responses and enhance the customer experience. Access hundreds of real-time data products to make relevant offers and improve responses with a convenient, streamlined user experience.

“We can identify red flags fairly easily and spit those applications out for a second look, a harder look, to help us in our effort to reduce losses.”

Product Manager

Consumer Credit Card