Instant Decisioning

Fully automated, easily integrated, end-to-end workflow


Why Instant Decisioning?

Long credit approval processes slow the sales cycle while opening the door for competitors. Zoot’s instant decisioning solution is a fully automated, easily integrated, end-to-end workflow – with decisioning outcomes emerging as quickly as your business requires them.

Our solution automates real time, analytics-based decision making so you can improve interactions with customers and applicants while maintaining compliance through documented, traceable decisions. With Zoot, you can negate the need for lengthy, manual application assessments, reduce costly inefficiencies and implement fully customizable decision models for your unique risk and fraud prevention needs.

“Zoot can take most applications through without people having to touch them. And that can make a big difference in the number of people and costs for that application process.”

Director of Credit Card Program Manager – Top 50 U.S. Financial Institution

With a Zoot Instant Decisioning Solution, You Can:

  • Accurately decision and price each credit offer
  • Reduce risk and provide personalized, instant credit decisions
  • Significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs
  • Quickly take advantage of new markets and channels
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and address consumer and legal inquiries
  • Provide a seamless customer experience

Instant Decisioning

Speed Up Your
Lines of Business

Get the best end-to-end decisioning solution to efficiently support your business.


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Make Instant Decisions

With Zoot, you can create and establish decision-process paths by combining powerful decision flows, scorecards, strategy tables and champion/challenger techniques. Connect to the main credit bureaus, as well as dozens of data and alternative data providers, for new levels of insight to make instant, well-informed lending decisions. You get the power of automated decisioning to make the right offers to the right customers at the right time.

Improve Profitability

Increase your portfolio with cost-effective, fast access to proven business models. Combine that with immediate access to relevant data to say “yes” to more applicants. Quickly assess risk and determine the best credit and offers.

Mitigate Risk

Eliminate risk in any economy by reducing delinquencies and charge-offs using your empirical models and consistent credit policies rather than relying upon subjective judgment.

Increase Accuracy

Return the right decisions anywhere, anytime, in real time. Using Zoot’s solution, you can provide instant credit decisions for your customers wherever they are, whether in a branch, through online or mobile banking, in a call center, or at ATMs and kiosks.

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