[Webinar] How Leading FIs Can Wage Digital War to Prevent Fraud

Jul 13, 2019

Learn how financial institutions can layer fraud detection and prevention solutions to combat evolving fraud trends.

Fraud is a rapidly growing and evolving problem in the financial services industry. Fraudsters are constantly expanding their tricks and tactics, and pursuing new approaches like fraud for hire and fraud-as-a-service. Banks face challenges keeping up with these changes, and with finding the human and financial resources to fight fraudsters.

Watch this informative webinar that addresses how leading FIs can tackle this evolution, and layer fraud detection and prevention solutions to help combat fraud. From channel protection options to the various types of fraud that FIs need to fight, this webinar touches on specific tactics and solutions that organizations can implement to create a comprehensive, responsive and nimble fraud detection and prevention strategy.

You’ll learn:

  • Evolving trends in fraud, from Fraud-as-a-Service to fraud for hire
  • Channels where fraud is prevalent and why those channels are changing
  • The best products, services and approaches to fraud detection and prevention, and why a single connected fraud platform makes sense

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