[Webinar] Multi-Layered Strategies to Mitigate Fraud

Jul 20, 2018

Zoot Enterprises and industry-leading fraud solutions providers ID Analytics, iovation and Neuro-ID present a panel discussion that addresses best practices in fraud detection and mitigation.

Challenges with new application fraud range from synthetic ID to third party fraud, and the best-of-breed solutions include multiple layers to identify and help stop fraudulent activity. ID verification, device authentication and prescriptive analytics can all work together to help your organization mitigate fraud while avoiding needless friction for customers. Join us for a webinar featuring discussion about trends in fraud and take away actionable steps you can implement in your organization.

This webinar explores how to layer fraud mitigation solutions while minimizing friction for customers to engage with your organization.

You’ll learn:

  • Trends in application fraud
  • Why device authentication and reputation are must-haves in the mobile first economy
  • How prescriptive analytics can add a frictionless layer of effective fraud identification

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