James Taylor of Decision Management Solutions Reviews Zoot’s WebRules®

Aug 13, 2021

Zoot’s WebRules® technology was recently reviewed by James Taylor of Decision Management Solutions.  James Taylor is one of the premier decision management experts and was recently honored by IBM as a Champion Innovator in 2021. His expertise spans multiple industries that rely on secure, scalable and flexible digital decisioning technology.

A few highlights from the write-up:

  • The core of the Zoot platform is the combination of the WebRules® Live execution service and the WebRules® Builder configuration tools.
  • These cover everything from designing, developing and deploying workflow and user interfaces to decisioning, attributes and source data mapping.
  • Zoot has 5 data centers (2 in the US, 2 in the EU and a new one in Australia) for regional support and redundancy – though each is designed to be resilient independently and is regularly reviewed to make sure it can support 10x the average daily volume.
  • One of the key differentiators for the Zoot platform is the enormous range of data sources they provide components for.
  • Any data source a customer might reasonably want to access to support their decisioning is integrated, allowing data from that source to be rapidly pulled into decisions without coding.

Head on over to the Decision Management Solutions blog to read the full write-up.

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